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The documents listed below must all be received.  Without these documents, your application will not be considered eligible for Odyssey Villas Permanent Supportive Housing Program. You are eligible to resubmit and application for Odyssey Villas Permanent Supportive Housing Program after 30 days of receiving denial letter for incompletion of application process.

  • Valid ID for all household members 18yrs and older. 
  • Verification of Homeless (Homeless verification letter from shelter, notarized letter from friend or relative, paid room receipt from hotel, current eviction letter)
  • Original Birth certificate
  • Original Social Security Card of all household members
  • Proof of consistent income for all household members 18yrs and older
  • Current immunization record for all household children 18yrs and younger or notarized Religious Objections to Required Immunizations form
  • Marriage License (If applicable)
  • Negative TB Test (If applicable)

Please email documents to us at housing@communityconcernsinc.com. If you cannot get the requested 

documents or you need more time, contact your worker by phone at (678) 928-4177 or 1(844) 281-7226. 

or by mail to Community Concerns, Inc., P.O. Box 4185 Atlanta, GA 30302